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EyeLash & Eyebrow Tint

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Eyelash Tint:
both eyes

Eyebrow Tint:
both eyes

Who should try it?

A brow tint works for everyone.  With defined, well-groomed brows, it gives you a thicker style and a more youthful appearance, plus, the brow dye can be customized to any color you want.

Lash tints, on the other hand, work best on people with lighter-colored lashes (especially blondes!). “Many people have lashes that fade at the ends, so when they are tinted, they can seem a lot longer.  The treatment is also helpful for on-the-go gals. “You can run out the door with no mascara, hit the gym or the beach, and not worry about your mascara running.”

Making it last

Both the eyebrow and eyelash tinting treatment will last about four to six weeks.  However, you can build upon your tints to keep the look from fading over time.  Another way to keep up the color?  Avoid oil-based moisturizers, cleansers, or wipes, they will dissolve your tints faster.  As for makeup, “wearing mascara or brow pencil over your tint is absolutely fine!”

For more information and pricing call Miami: 305-234-0106.  *Prices are subject to change without notice.

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