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Indulge Wellness & Day Spa indulges your every sense by taking you away to a place you could only “dream” of, in our unique theme spa.   Our spa combines a peaceful, beautiful and unique environment, with a highly trained and friendly staff to ensure you a memorable and enjoyable spa experience.  From the moment you walk into Indulge Wellness & Day Spa, you will feel a tranquility, serenity and ease that is often lacking in larger spas where clients are just another number.

We want our clients to be part of the Indulge Wellness & Day Spa family for the duration.  Our quality of service keeps our guests returning time and time again.  Your ultimate comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.   Indulge Wellness & Day Spa goes beyond traditional spa services to inject a daily dose of joy into your life, relaxing your mind and body.  You will not find a Spa more dedicated to fulfilling your every dream. Our philosophy is quite simple: quality over quantity.

We also specialize in private spa parties from birthdays to baby showers- not only do we cater to adults but we also work with the little ones to teenagers (ages 6 to teens)- we customize parties with the decor your heart is set on.  Just sit back and relax while Indulge Wellness & Day Spa takes care of it all for you, it’s your day.

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